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The Thrill of the Roar: Our Story

The team at Versus Monster Trucks is a passionate group of individuals who are true fans at heart of monster trucks. Their collective enthusiasm for these colossal machines goes far beyond their roles in the organization. Each team member shares a deep-rooted love for the thunderous roar of the engines, the jaw-dropping stunts, and the sheer adrenaline rush that monster truck shows deliver. This genuine love for the sport is what drives their dedication to delivering top-notch performances and creating unforgettable experiences for fans of all ages.

About Versus Monster Trucks

Versus Monster Trucks (VMT) was founded in late 2019 with the goal to produce high quality motorsports events across North America. VMT specializes in monster truck and motorsports thrill events with over 30 years of combined experience within the monster truck industry.


VMT was formed by Steve Parry, a long-time monster truck enthusiast and walking monster truck encyclopedia. Steve has been involved in the monster truck industry since he acquired his driver's license at age 16. Steve's goal with VMT is to establish a professional motorsports organization that will produce safe, high quality monster truck events across the country. As a fan, he has traveled North America witnessing the good and the bad of monster truck events. As a professional motorsports event manager, Steve set out to ensure his shows are the best possible entertainment experience for the fans and everyone in attendance leaves happy! As a long-time fan he has been in the seats and knows the feelings that follow a good or bad event. Giving fans a great feeling at all his events continues to drive his motivation to make Versus Monster Trucks events top notch!


VMT does not just produce a show, we emphasize producing an event experience that will create exciting, lasting memories for spectators and venue staff alike. VMT strives to meet and hopefully exceed our customer expectations and goals. Our events are set up for maximum success: it starts with our show product, our featured talent, our event staff, and our professionalism. We realize that a commitment to excellence in every aspect of the show is absolutely required and we’re up to the challenge of giving you the best motorsports show experience you’ve ever had!

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